With Member Metrics You Can

Identify Members at Risk

Show members with a high risk score for cancelling based on engagement, profile data and high risk actions.

Identify Members at Risk

Your Organisation Health Score

See if the actions you are taking are improving the membership experience with our Engagement, Retention and Revenue scores with trend data.

Member Forecasting

Use your Acquisition and Retention scores to forecast your membership numbers going forward.

Member Forecasting

Identify what your members find valuable

See how your members are most engaging with you to know what they are finding most valuableā€¦no more misleading survey results.

Identify what your members find valuable

Frequently asked questions

When will you be launching?

We plan on launching soon, Q4 in 2024 at the latest. We already have a select few testing the Beta version. If you would like to join then email hello@membermetrics.co.uk

How much will it cost?

We have not set pricing plans yet, but early access customers will benefit from favourable rates as we launch and improve the offering.

How does the system track all this information?

We have built multiple tools to integrate with your current websites and systems. Our team will help you integrate Member Metrics into your organisation.

Is this GDPR compliant?

GDPR is at the heart of everything we do. All data is secure and only minimal details are collected. Member Metrics falls under the same category as Google Analytics and your Member Management Software.